When you hire Apron On The Run Personal Chef Services, I will come to your home and complete a detailed personal preference questionnaire. The results of the interview are then used to develop your menus. Each menu lists entrees and some side dishes for a two week period, and is presented to you for your approval prior to your scheduled cooking day.
Upon menu approval, a cook day is scheduled in your home. I arrive with all of the utensils that are needed to complete your meals. I proceed to prepare the food in your home. I then package and refrigerate or freeze each item, and leave thawing and heating instructions. You simply reheat and enjoy.

customized meals

in-home preparation

varied menus

top quality meat

fresh vegetables

finest seafood


is to make each meal the very best you've ever tasted. In order to accomplish this, I must know about your preferences and your dietary needs. I have the ability to prepare gourmet meals to your specifications, as well as to cook your favourite recipes.



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