Meet the Chef!


AnnaMaria Aversa-Lopez is a certified personal chef and Holistic Nutritional Coach.

Her extensive training from the USPCA/CPCA (United States Personal Chef Association/Canadian Personal Chef Association and IIN (Institute of Integrative Nutrition) brings to her clients a quality and professionalism that comes with 15 plus years experience.

my journey

HELLO....Ciao a tutti....Salut...


Over the years my love of travel and culture has brought to many interesting and exciting far away places. Most importantly, it has introduced me to new friends. Food has helped me break down many barriers into new worlds I have always been curious about.


As a young child my family travels took us to Italy where I learned about food through family, ancestry and tradition. When I completed my studies as a freshly graduated University Student my travels took to me to where my once vivid imagination could only dream of - Asia! The sounds, the colours, the vibrancy of the people awakened my sense of global friendships.


My journey continued with the arrival of my children. I was now a wife, and mother. It was now my turn to share what I had learned. Along the way they too have given me a new outlook on how to enjoy food and how it plays a very important part of our life


My love of food continues through my teaching efforts of young children who still are just being introduced to sensations of a beautiful red, crisp, shiny apple.  Together, we are rediscovering the beauty of nature's simplicities and complexities in food and in one another.  As a food revolution ambassador with the Jamie Oliver foundation, our global mission is to ensure that all people, young and old are equipped with the necessary tools to be able to nourish their bodies with clean, healthy, sustainable food. It is our human right.


My goals for the future are simple....to keep traveling, keep discovering and most of all breaking bread with as many new friends as possible- both near and far.!

AnnaMaria, Queen of Delicious Cheesecakes!!!!!
Everything was absolutely wonderful, thank you for yet another very tasty experience!!!

~ Thanks, Marina Mouat  - Baymar Supplies